Concrete crushers / demolition shears HCM -C, -M, -S

The new generation of concrete crushers / demolition shears named ‘multiprocessor’ has been developed for universal use for heavy work in demolition and recycling, for excavators from 8 to 50 tons. These devices can be applied for primary and secondary demolition efficiently and trouble-free.

Fixed and rotating pulverizers HCP; HCP-R

The modern generation of fixed and rotating pulverizers has been developed for primary and secondary demolition. These devices can be applied for targeted demolition of buildings, brickworks, concrete slabs, concrete structures and recycling in a very efficient way and with absolute safety. 

Demolition and sorting grabs HCG

The new generation of demolition and sorting grabs HCG has been developed specifically for compact excavators. These devices are highly effective when it comes to targeted demolition, clean sorting of waste materials and loading. Thereby, significant reduction of disposal costs is achieved. 

Universal grab HCG-U

The extremely robust universal grab HCG-U is perfectly suited for loading of materials of all sorts, for sorting of construction waste and excavated earth, as well as for moderately difficult excavation work. The HCG-U can be very effectively and selectively applied for stone setting work as well as demolition work. 

Concrete crushers / demolition shears HCR-C; -M; -S

One of these demolition shears of our newest generation will always be appropriate for the installation on excavators from 7 to 40 tons. Whether HCR-M; HCR-C or HCR-S, multi-functional jaw, combi  jaw or scrap metal jaw: all possible types of demolition work can be done with these crushers. High flexibility for changing applications is guaranteed by the jaws changer system. 

Forceps grabs HCZ 

Robust, safe and long-lasting grabs for sensitive and non-destructive application. Our forceps grabs are agile and flexible. The integrated load safety valve and overload devices guarantee reliable and safe use for excavators from 18 to 35 tons.