Concrete crushers / Demolition shears HCR

The concrete crushers /demolition shears of the HCR series have been developed for extensive and heavy work regarding demolition and recycling universal use for heavy work in demolition and recycling. These multiprocessors are universally designed and applicable for excavators from 7 to 40 tons. These devices can be applied for primary and secondary demolition efficiently and fast.

These concrete crushers / demolition shears dispose a single support that can be equipped with three different jaws depending on the requirements. The exchange with the jaw exchange system is carried out quickly and easily. The different variants are coordinated for their respective area of application: 

  • HCR-M: The multi-function jaw is mainly applied for concrete crushing and cutting of reinforced steel within the same single work process.
  • HCR-C: The combi-jaw finds its application in cutting and demolishing of concrete constructions.
  • HCR-S: The scrap metal jaw mainly cuts steel constructions and scrap metal. 

All models are equipped with: 

  • a hydraulic rotation  (360°)
  • 1-2 robust GEROTOR hydraulic motor
  • a robust four-point ball bearing.  

These three crushers (multiprocessors HCR-M, HCR-C, HCR-S) meet the requirements of size, speed and maneuverability as well as safety and technique. Their strengths speak for themselves. 

The strenghts of our HCR crushers / concrete shears

  • Construction size of the crushers developed for excavators from 7 to 40 tons
  • Rapidly exchangeable jaws 
  • Hydraulically 360° continuously rotatable
  • Highly reliable GEROTOR  hydraulic motor with pressure limit valves
  • Robust hydraulic cylinder with integrated SPEED-valve and pressure limit valves
  • Short cycle-times due to the integrated SPEED-valve
  • Reinforced jaws manufactured from high-strength, wear-resistant steel, 400 and 500 HB
  • Exchangeable and turnable blades
  • Exchangeable crushing teeth 
  • High closing force and wide jaw opening

Here, you can find further information regarding weights, dimensions, closing forces and hydraulics: