Pulverizers, fixed and rotating (HCP, HCP-R)

The new generation of fixed (HCP) and rotating (HCP-R) pulverizers has been developed for primary and secondary demolition.

These devices can be applied for the targeted demolition of buildings, brickworks, concrete slabs, concrete structures and recycling in a very efficient way and with absolute safety. 

Technical details of our pulverizers

As the HCP-R is rotatable 360° it can be ideally positioned during demolition work. Thereby, demolition work can be performed in a safe and rapid way also at places difficult to reach and in complicated positions. 

All our HCP-R models are equipped with a hydraulic rotary drive, a robust GEROTOR hydraulic motors and a robust four-point ball bearing. Moreover, the hydraulic motors are protected against overloading by an effective pressure limit valve.

The cycle-times are very short, due to the integrated SPEED-Valve. Thereby, it is possible to open and close the jaw within five seconds.

Both pulverizers (HCP and HCP-R) are completely made of wear-resistant, high-strength steel.  

The fixed and mobile jaws are equipped with exchangeable wear plates which allows for rapid exchange of wear plates without wear-welding of the jaws. In this way, running and maintenance costs can be reduced to a minimum. 

The joints are oversized and can be well greased, so that a long life of all pins and bushings is guaranteed



Our pulverizers are characterized by:

  • Exchangeable and turnable blades                
  • Exchangeable wear plates with teeth
  • Hydraulically 360° rotatable (HCP-R) or fixed
  • Made of wear-resistant, high-strength steel, HARDOX 400-450
  • Robust hydraulic cylinder with effective cylinder protection
  • Short cycle-times due to the integrated SEED-Valve

The HCP-Pulverisers can be very effective, and can be used with absolute safety for:

  • demolition of constructions, brickwork
  • concrete plates, concrete structures
  • recycling activities.


Here, you can find further information regarding weights, dimensions, closing forces and hydraulics: 

see/print data sheet